Precious Moments in Motherhood

One of my favorite things to photograph is the love and connection of a mother for her child. Mothers are usually the ones with the greatest desire for the photos, and are typically the ones who take all the photos of their family, which is why I feel photographing mothers is so important. I also think this is so wonderful for children to have and cherish when they are older.

I recently decided to update some photos that I had taken of myself with my daughters last year. After finishing the photos, my oldest daughter requested that I take some photos of her with her dolls. She posed herself and would tell me when to take the photos. At the time I just quickly snapped the photos not thinking much of it since she does this kind of stuff all the time. However, once I began to go through my photos to edit I looked back on the ones of her and realized how adorable and sweet they really are.

Sometimes in our day to day life we forget to reflect on or appreciate what we have. But looking back at these photos made me see how much she looks up to me and tries to be just like me. Even by looking at how she posed herself I can see how closely she watches what I do. Since having kids I have realized that all the sayings about how fast time goes are so true! These may seem like little things now, but when she’s a teenager and she doesn’t want as much to do with me, I’m sure looking back on these photos will be even more special than they are today. I just love that photographs allow me to freeze a moment in time and preserve that feeling and experience that we may never have again.

I feel so fortunate to be able to capture precious memories like these for other moms as well.

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