Tips to Have a Successful Photo Session with Kids.

 Preparing for a family session or photo session with kids can definitely cause some stress for parents with all of the planning that goes into it.  Those of us with young kids also worry about our children cooperating and if they will smile for the photos.  I thought I would share a few tips that may help to make your photo session with kids go smoothly.

  1. Prepare them
    Kids tend to do better when they know what to expect. You can explain to them that they will be getting some photos taken and how much fun it will be. It may be helpful to show kids photos of me from my website or social media so that I’m a familiar face when they see me.
  2. Keep it positive
    Try not to stress too much during the session if it’s not going perfectly. Kids definitely pick up on our emotions and usually do much better when parents aren’t stressing.
  3. Keep it fun
    I certainly don’t expect kids to sit still and have perfect behavior during our sessions! The best photos are often when kids are being silly, so don’t worry about them not behaving. Relax and have fun with your kids like you would any other day.

Other helpful tips 

  •  Share some information about your kids and family with me before the session.  It’s so helpful for me when I know a bit about personalities, interests and even favorite songs.  
  • Make sure the kids are not hungry for the session.  Sometimes bringing snacks to the session may even be helpful, especially for toddlers.
  • Make sure your kids are well rested.  Try not to schedule too much before the session so the kids are rested and ready to go! 
  • Sometimes bringing along a favorite toy or activity can be helpful for young kids.

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