Back in March my family made a big move to South Jersey from New York. It was such an exciting move, however, moving during a pandemic is not the best way to settle in to a new area!

A family photo session in Sewell NJ

Thankfully it has allowed us to have so much quality time together as a family. I decided to take advantage of all of this time we had together. I brought out my tripod and we found a great location for family photos.

A mom and her two daughters for family photos in Sewell NJ

I take so many pictures of my daughter, and often with my husband as well, but we definitely don’t get enough of us as a family. It was so nice for me to get in the frame for once since I really wanted some nice photos of me with my girls. I even handed my camera off to my daughter to get a picture of my husband and I. And I must say, I am very impressed with how she did!

A husband and wife kissing at a photo session in Sewell NJ

I am so glad that we took the time to take some family photos of us. I can’t wait to get some printed to hang around our house!

One Comment on “Making Time for a Family Photo Session

  1. What a beautiful family. Looks like Scarlet, could very easily be your second shooter, as your business grows! Happy to hear you’re settling into your new home. We wish you the best.


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