I know from my own experience that deciding what to wear for a photo session can be stressful! Here are some tips that can help you to plan your outfits.

A family sitting on a blanket and laughing

1. Coordinate outfits without having everyone match. Having everyone in the photos wearing the exact same outfit can give off a very dated vibe and it’s certainly not very natural. It’s helpful to choose two or three coordinating colors to base everyone’s outfits around.

2. Mix patterns and solids. Adding one or two patterns can definitely add some interest to the outfits. It’s important not to go overboard with patterns though so it’s not too busy.

3. Avoid graphics, writing and neon clothing. Clothing with graphics or writing on them can distract and take away from the photos often date them. Wearing colors that are too bright can sometimes cause unflattering colors reflect onto skin and it’s helpful to avoid this.

Two sisters giving eachother a hug

4. Add layers, accessories and different textures. All of these things can help add visual interest to your photos.

5. Decide what you’ll do with the photos. If you’re planning to print your photos to hang in your house you may want to take into account the colors and decor of your home when planning your outfits.

A little girl smiling

6. Be comfortable. As important as all of these other things are, I think the most important thing is to be comfortable in what your wearing so you can feel confident and like yourself! Comfort is also a very important thing to consider when planning the outfit of kids. We all know how big of a deal an itchy tag can be to a toddler.

I know that even with these tips it can still be overwhelming to plan out outfits. So as my client you will also have access to Style and Select, which is a tool that helps to make planning, coordinating and purchasing outfits for a photo session so much easier.

A family holding hands walking away from the camera over a bridge

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