Enjoying a Slower Pace in Life

While editing my March 365 photos, since they coincide with the one year mark of this pandemic, it really made me reflect on this past year. This year has felt so long and difficult in so many ways. I know that I miss being able to see so many of my family and friends and to not have this constant stress weighing on us all.

Being a “glass half full” person though, I see some positives that have come out of this past year as well. I for one have appreciated being able to slow down. Instead of constantly running from place to place I have been enjoying more time at home with family.

This past year also helped me to find new ways of finding joy and stress relief, whether it was painting, baking or long walks outside. I have also been able to take the time to do this project and document all of these things as well as our day to day life with my daughters. Slowing down has helped me to notice the beauty in things I may not have before.

As much as I struggle with this new reality that we are living in, some days more than others, I am feeling thankful for some of the positives that have come out of this past year and hopeful that things will start to get easier for us all in the coming months.

One Comment on “Enjoying a Slower Pace in Life

  1. Hi Megan.
    What a beautiful compilation of your photos and I loved reading your story of life as it was during the past year.
    Please keep documenting with pictures and words as it provides a great connection with family and friends!
    Warmest Regards,


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