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Letting go of “Perfect”

When I set out to do a 365 this year I knew it would be tough to keep up with taking a picture every single day. With two young kids and the crazy school schedule we have had this year, thanks to COVID, it can be difficult. It’s only been 2 months and I’ve already missed a few days. But I’m ok with that! … Read More Letting go of “Perfect”

My 365 Project

For the past few years I’ve really wanted to do a 365 photography project, which basically just means I’ll take a photo everyday for a whole year. I made my first attempt to do one last year, but quickly became sidetracked when we had to pack our house and move out of state. So this year I am committed to finishing. The purpose of … Read More My 365 Project


What Should I Wear for my Family Photos?

I know from my own experience that deciding what to wear for a photo session can be stressful! Here are some tips that can help you to plan your outfits. 1. Coordinate outfits without having everyone match. Having everyone in the photos wearing the exact same outfit can give off a very dated vibe and it’s certainly not very natural. It’s helpful to choose … Read More What Should I Wear for my Family Photos?


Making Time for a Family Photo Session

Back in March my family made a big move to South Jersey from New York. It was such an exciting move, however, moving during a pandemic is not the best way to settle in to a new area! Thankfully it has allowed us to have so much quality time together as a family. I decided to take advantage of all of this time we … Read More Making Time for a Family Photo Session

Baby Griffin’s Newborn Session

I had such a great time photographing Griffin and his wonderful parents. I love being able to photograph newborns right in their home. I think it really helps families to feel more comfortable and natural, which is easy to see in the photos. I also really love that I am able to capture their home in the photos, which is such a special memory … Read More Baby Griffin’s Newborn Session

Baby Addison’s Newborn Session

One of my favorite parts of being a photographer is that I get the chance to get to know so many wonderful people and capture their beautiful families. I recently had the pleasure of photographing the most wonderful couple that had just welcomed a sweet baby girl. After speaking on the phone with Addisons’s mom while she was still pregnant, I could tell right … Read More Baby Addison’s Newborn Session

Precious Moments in Motherhood

One of my favorite things to photograph is the love and connection of a mother for her child. Mothers are usually the ones with the greatest desire for the photos, and are typically the ones who take all the photos of their family, which is why I feel photographing mothers is so important. I also think this is so wonderful for children to have … Read More Precious Moments in Motherhood

Tips to Have a Successful Photo Session with Kids.

 Preparing for a family session or photo session with kids can definitely cause some stress for parents with all of the planning that goes into it.  Those of us with young kids also worry about our children cooperating and if they will smile for the photos.  I thought I would share a few tips that may help to make your photo session with kids go smoothly. … Read More Tips to Have a Successful Photo Session with Kids.

Saratoga Springs Maternity Session

I find maternity sessions to be so special and unique. I love being able to capture the anticipation and excitement of the new baby to come, as well as being able to photograph the family one last time before they grow and change. My most recent session was so heartwarming. This family was one of the sweetest and most loving families that I’ve had … Read More Saratoga Springs Maternity Session